Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Hal Masa: You Enjoy My-Mix - Japhan 2000

I'm so thrilled about the new Hal Masa mix! He pulled some of the best clips from the 2000 summer tour in Japan. I was fortunate to catch six shows that tour in what was one of the most amazing trips I've ever taken. Plus, shrooms were legal in Japan at the time, so you could buy them at head shops! The Fukuoka and Nagoya shows ranks among my all-time favorite Top 10 personal shows. Hal Masa's new mix gives me plenty of warm and fuzzy memories.

Hal Masa - Japhan 2000 - You Enoy My Mix - Tracklist:
6/9/00 Tweezer
6/13/00 Wolfman's Brother
6/16/00 Theme From The Bottom
6/10/00 Bathtub Gin
6/15/00 Ghost
6/14/00 Jam->Walk Away->Jam->2001
6/16/00 Runaway Jim
6/16/00 Reba
6/16/00 Slave to the Traffic Light
6/16/00 Harry Hood
6/15/00 Divided Sky

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