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Phish Setlist and Recap: Austin, Texas 7/28/15

Setlist art mashup by @neillybop and @change100

Phish returned to Texas for only the second time in the 3.0 era. The circus touched down at Austin360 Amphitheater for a show in the sizzling Texas sun.

Follow @CoventryMusic for any updates. The Joker (@neillybop) and @BTreotch will be at the show.

FYI... Austin (and Dallas) will be webcast over at LivePhish.

So here's what you missed....
Phish, 7.28.15 Austin360, Austin, TX

Set 1: Party Time, FREE, Halley's Comet, Wolfman's Brah, Possum, Lawn Boy, Bouncin**, Water in the Sky, Dirt, Devotion to a Dream, Sugar Shack, ANTELOPE

Set 2: 46 Days* > PIPER > Ghost > Shade > Gotta Jibboo > Waiting All Night, Blaze On,Velvet Sea, BOWIE, Suzy > Tweezer Reprise

E: Loving Cup

* The DOGS tease
** Pauly Takes A Piss Song
Official poster by Conor Nolan
* * * *

Austin Quickie Couch Tour Recap
by @taopauly

The Joker, Ramble On Rose, Btreotch, Firbeall, Dr. Scotch, and the rest of the gang went to the show. They were all raging the pit. I was back in California rocking it out on Couch Tour.... It was hot as fuck all show in the high 90s. The sweltering sweaty temps cast a weird vibe on the entire show... Lights went down at 8:34pm CT with a Party Time opener and Page was standing up by 8:36pm. I heard that Fishman was in rare rock star party mode late last night with the Touch Pants crew. As a result, we had a HUNGOVER FISHMAN SHOW! It's been a while. Always an adventure... Free in second spot. Trey noticeably using his Dead50 guitar. Slightly different tone than the West Coast gigs... Halley's Comet in three hole. Set the over/under line at 6:10. I feel like the under came in even though the tracklisting is longer... Wolfman's Brah batting cleanup. Jam never quite achieved liftoff before they gently eased off pedal. Sluggish start on a heavy hitter. Heat zapped the crowd, or the band feeding off a zapped crowd?... Trey mentioned he was born in Texas. Page joked, "It's a homecoming for Trey... coming back to Texas!"... Possum was the early standout of the first set... Leo crooning to the hipster biddies and Phishy chicks with Lawn Boy. Serious enough the National Weather Center issued a Wet Deck Alert for the greater Austin area... Bouncin' is a "Pauly Takes A Piss Song" even on couch tour. Even had a batch of garage-days feedback... Pro Tip: Phishy chicks fucking LOVE Water in the Sky. Put it on your mixes. Play it on your tinder dates. Hand jobs kangfirmed... Never ever go into a show expecting to hear Dirt, but I'd love to hear it at every show. Total "bustout" too. Got benched all last season... Devotion to a Dream secretly dedicated to Alex Jones and the New World Order...  I dig the Calypso vibe to Sugar Shack, yet the song is a harbinger of doom. It always pops up in a totally trainwreck of a set. Fishman was definitely off. I guess his B-12 and cortisone shots had yet to kick it. He'd have to wait until Lance Armstrong showed up at setbreak and gave him a blood transfusion and a special "treat" that would get him back in playing shape... Antelope saved the set? By default. Definitely a high-energy rocker, but slop city. Trey looked visibly irked walking off stage... Expected Coach Kilmer from Varsity Blues to give the boys an ass reaming at halftime... Hey, it was a meh first set. Reminded me of Deer Creek 2010 the first show after Telluride, when it was 100-fucking degrees, and everyone was drunk as shit, and the band was sluggish, and a combative Trey TTE'd us. Alas, they bounced back with a strong, powerful second set. I hoped Phish would follow suit in Austin... With Fishman back to normal with a blood transfusion, it was GO TIME! 46 Days opener featured Trey and Gordo face-to-face jamming and a tease of The Dogs... Piper instant liftoff from the get go. Heard a second Lizards tease these tour (but no Lizards)... Instead of Lizards, Trey dragged everyone into Ghost. Dark and dirty Ghost. The highlight of the show? The 10 minute Ghost was about to get even darker when Trey ripcorded for a new tune... My girlfriend called Shade, "Trey's dad-rock-divorce-song." The intro to Shade had shades of Standing on the Moon... Gotta Jibboo at that inflection point of the set was like when I go to my Oxy dealer and he only had Vicodin. They definitely rocked it out as hard as you can get... Back-to-Back Waiting All Nights. I mean, I understand the need for a slow tune to give hungover Fishman a breather, but he supposedly had Lance Armstrong's blood in him, which gave him super-powers. They blew a chance to really blast off, yet instead they shat the bed with Waiting All Night... I hoped the Joker would catch one of the new tunes like Blaze On. Appropriate since it was hot as fuck in Austin. Blaze didn't go as deep as Shoreline's Blaze. Too bad... Velvet Sea'd. My musician friend from Austin, DoctorScotch, was AWOL the whole show until he sent me a text seconds after the opening notes to Velvet Sea. He pretty much said if he had to slit his wrists in a bathtub, he'd have Velvet Sea as the soundtrack... It was time to blow shit up with Bowie... Thought the set would end with Suzy... Instead, Phish finally played the orphaned Tweezer Reprise, which they omitted at the L.A. Forum. I had a theory that Trey was going to hold onto Tweeprise until he reached a low point and needed to use it to breathe life into a dead show. Alas, he shot his load right away in Austin!... Loving Cup encore. Leo locked up post-show booty. Those Austin ladies love it when Leo covers Mick Jagger... One Texas show down, one more to go. Next stop... Dallas.

* * * *
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