Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Basics Fund Article

****UPDATE 4/10/09 Check out the discussion of the article, along with the complete correspondence between Aaron Montoya, Editor-in-Chief The Rocky Mountain Collegian and Dustin Huth, CEO, The Basics Fund, Inc. LINK****

If you are ever in need of a ride to a show in Northern Colorado, there is a good chance that you can hop on The Basics Fund party bus and meet some interesting characters. The Basics Fund is a party bus/non-profit here in Denver/Boulder. Several of my close friends are associated with it and a couple are interviewed in this sometimes hilarious article. I say hilarious because it places the emphasis on the party, and seems to ignore the most important parts which is why most ride - safe rides, charity work, good times, good music. Still, I thought it was worth a link up:
As "The Warrior" bus glides south along I-25 to the night's gig, those who share the road with the city transport-turned moving drug den don't suspect they're next to a living acid flashback -- a modern day manifestation of Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters.

Inside, short green sticks of "Special K" -- a horse tranquilizer called ketamine -- are pulled from a floss box and coolly passed at no charge among the spread of twenty-somethings who have no reservations with shoving the hallucinogen up their noses.

"Good drugs up here, weird drugs in the back," yells Johnathan Taylor, a passenger from Fort Collins sporting only blue boxers, a T-shirt and hiking boots. He's in the "good drugs" category - only on a lot of LSD, he says.
Read the whole article here.


SpunnyBunny said...

GO BASICS FUND! Thanks for posting the article, read the entire article folks, some great pictures. I am proud to be part of The Basics Fund.

SpunnyBunny said...

I also sort of feel that although it is a great article, it really doesn't do the charity work justice. The Basics Fund is set up to provide people with a safe ride to and from shows, provide them with a safe place to gather before and after the shows, but most importantly is they work to provide sponsored artists with health insurance.

BTreotch said...

pretty all-around awesome