Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Widespread Panic Breaks Up With Colorado, offers one last fling at Mile High Music Festival

Schools: "Mmmm...lunch!"

A friend forwarded me this statement from Panic's management, Brown Cat:
Mile High Festival 2009
2009 Tour Dates

Management of Widespread Panic would like to put to rest the rumors circulating of Red Rocks or New Years performances in Colorado in 2009.

The band will NOT be playing Red Rocks or New Years in Colorado.

Widespread Panic’s only scheduled appearance in Colorado this year will be at the Mile High Music Festival July 18th-19th in Denver, CO. Get full festival info in our On Tour section and buy your tickets now!
I am a little bit surprised, given the long history Panic has in Colorado at Red Rocks as well as what a great time everyone seemed to have at this year's NYE. But, now I won't feel guilty traveling wherever to see Phish on NYE since Panic won't be playing in my backyard. For a local Denver fan reaction of this announcement, click here.


Ruben Bailey said...

Phish. Miami. NYE.

the joker said...

found this rant on a message board and found it hilarious:

thought you might like to read this little golden nugget. Why is it that folks from Colorado seem to cry the loudest.

Originally Posted by DeepPow View Post

I am extremely disappointed...this decision doesn’t make sense on a number of levels. Commerce City in July could easily reach 100 in the shade...this was a poor choice...below is my letter to Browncat:

I am writing to voice my dismay in regards to the decision to abandon the traditional Red Rocks run in favor of the Mile High Music Fest this year. First, let me explain that my crew and I are long time fans... many of my best friends moved from the South, East Coast and Midwest to go to college in Colorado around 93. Most of us brought Panic tapes with us and our friendships were formed with Panic as a constant backdrop. I know this story is the same for so much of the Colorado Panic fan base. We love our Panic and have enjoyed so many special memories with the band, crew and each other. The college campus shows in the early 90’s, Sit n Ski Tour, all the great “mountain shows” in places like Keystone, Crested Butte, Telluride, Aspen etc. The heart wrenching weekend for us all at Fiddlers Green in August 02, the Fillmore run, Loveland and New Year’s at the Pepsi Center. But maybe most importantly, intertwined through all of these have been so many wonderful times that we all had at Red Rocks.

Look, we understand this is a business. We want nothing but to see the band and the people they support be successful in every endeavor…and we will continue to support you guys because we know where Panic goes good times will always follow. I also understand the need/want to mix it up…I hope the band never stops exploring new things. But I also think we had something special going with the tradition built on the summer shows at Red Rocks. Hell, the MAYOR declared “Widespread Panic Day” last year! I’m not asking anyone to work for free and I don’t pretend to know the particular in’s and out’s of your business, but I think it’s safe to say 3 sold out nights at Red Rocks is something that can work for all of us. I also think it’s safe to say we (the collective Colorado Panic fan contingent) have gone to great lengths to show our support for this outfit. And yes, I know the Mile High Music fest will be fun, but we all know that is not a PANIC show. We love and appreciate the special treatment the band shows us in Colorado with things like New Year’s in Denver, but I don’t think we are out of line in expecting special treatment either.

Look, these aren’t the old days for any of us…as much as I would love to see a Sit n Ski II, I’m not asking for a 15 show Colorado tour. But Red Rocks was something we circled the calendar for…tarps were purchased, days off work and babysitters were scheduled and explanations to loved ones who weren’t panic fans were made. My crew was up in line at 8:00 AM everyday (yeah, we’re those guys) enjoying the hell out of the day with our fellow fans before seeing our favorite band in the familiar surroundings of one the word’s great and magical places. I don’t want to be negative, but trading that experience and tradition for a soccer stadium in Commerce City seems pretty lame.

Take my gripes for what they are worth and thanks for listening… Thanks, see you this summer.

PS. A couple nights at Paolo Solari this fall would help ease the loss till summer 2010…just sayin…

BTreotch said...

someone needs to slap the sense of entitlement out of him