Wednesday, April 01, 2009

PHISH to play not so secret show at Boulder Theater, 7/29/09

I just learned this morning that Phish will be playing a special "secret" show under the name "Sweet Willy" at the Boulder Theater on 7/29/09, the night before Red Rocks. There will be only 2 ways to get tickets- in person the day of show at the Boulder Theater, or you can call today and leave a message for Jeff at 303-xxx-xxxx. Good luck- Jeff only has 100 spots available. Please tell Jeff (1)where you heard about this (2) your name/phone number and (3) what your favorite Phish song is, so that he knows you are a real fan and not a scalper.

Update 11:15 MST:
Thanks to those participating in this APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!! good laughs all around. Jeff got about 20 calls, mostly from Colorado and several from the East Coast. Its funny because Jeff runs his own business, so he often gets calls from area codes/numbers he does not recognize. His favorite call? The dude that called from the east coast and said: " supposed to tell you that my favorite Phish song is, uhhh...Mango Song?"


Todd said...


jonas0tt0 said...

AWESOME! i just called and scored 4 tickets! The guy was super nice but said there are only about 30 tickets left.

And props to Phish for keeping ticket prices low. $38.50 is a STEAL!


boyd said...

great lead man! i called jeff ten times before he answered...but i got tickets!

Dr. Pauly said...

I got 2 tickets. I'm selling them for $1,200 a piece on Stub Hub.

boyd said...

so, i just got a call from my little brother -- 13 days after this was posted -- and he wanted to know if I had tickets or could get him into the show after reading the repost i did at bleedingsenses

i ALMOST kept it going, but the urge to call him a moron was too deep.

well played, neil.