Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Show Review: The Show Is The Rainbow and Beep Beep at New World Brewery 04/20/09

(Photo by Phil Bardi.)

Don’t give stoners an excuse to stay home, they’ll take you up on it just about every time. Exams approaching, play-off basketball, a sluggish economy and, well, it was Monday night on 4/20 after all. Those who ventured out to New World Brewery Monday night were treated to the awesomeness that is The Show Is The Rainbow.

TSITR’s compact set was comprised entirely from his new album Wet Fist, including “Made of Cardboard,” “Roar Means Run,” “Who He Say He Is” (with Kurt Cobain and Slash video), “Come Dry Your Flower” and “Whisper At Once.” Darren Keen is the one man, tour-de-force behind TSITR. He grew up on classic rock and Frank Zappa, moving onto punk rock and gangster rap as a teen. Now, he’s making an exhilarating mix of tripped-out, indie hip-hop. His shows — often just him with a guitar, computer and video projector — are a captivating, sweaty solo dance party. Shirtless, uncut and sporting long locks, Keen refuses to submit to the unspoken line between performer and fan. Running up and down the covered porch of New World, Keen spent most of his time directly in the faces of the sparse crowd, encouraging dancing, banter and on-your-knees guitar and/or air guitar solo’s that stretch your belly flat.

Fellow Nebraskans Beep Beep followed, with Keen (also a member of Beep Beep) taking up duties on bass and keys. Seeing Beep Beep was like watching my new favorite blog — lookatthisfuckinghipster — coming to life. They were good enough, but if they were as good as they were awkward, then their set could have been special.

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Tender Branson said...

That sight is hilarious...I can almost imagine what Beep Beep looked like.