Saturday, April 25, 2009 On Haitus

Sad day.
Sorry, but is currently on hiatus...

Over the past few years, I have spent many hours (and $) trying to create a user-friendly site for streaming and downloading as many Phish shows as possible. Throughout this experience, I have bounced around between web hosts, trying to find a home that is suitable for the particular needs of this site. Unfortunately, it appears that the server load requirements, bandwidth needs, and sheer size of the audio that is hosted here is too much for any shared hosting plan that I have found. Since Phish's policies do not allow me to accept money of any kind for the site, and since I cannot afford to pay for a monthly dedicated hosting plan, I'm afraid that I am left with no other option than to put the site on hold for now.

If anyone out there is in the web hosting business and can offer an inexpensive plan with minimal resource restrictions, I would love to keep this place going. If you have any ideas or offers, please email me at

Thanks to everyone for all the love you've given me, and hopefully we will see each other again.

-Chris (from


Group Hoot! said...

Is there any reason why these shows can't go on

Henry Holland said...

^^ Because Phish (along with DMB and WSP and a few others) don't want their shows on there. The link to the letter explaining why at is broken, so I'm not sure why exactly.

Sad news about Phishows, I was slowly downloading all 1994 and 1995 shows. eTree is OK, but it can literally take days to download a show if there's only one seeder and no one else downloading it.