Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Widespread Panic Tracks

Widespread Panic has an upcoming release titled Dirty Side Down. The title track Dirty Side Down and North are available to download now for free.

North is a Jerry Joseph song and a personal live favorite of mine. When I moved to Colorado from Texas in 2004 I would often sing along with the lyrics to North as if they were written about me:

You think that I'm stupid,
I think that I'm cool
Haul you back to Texas baby,
Send you back to school
Last thing that I need is a mustang,
Last thing that I need is a tan
I'm gonna get myself up north,
Find out who the hell I am

I go north, the sun it hurts my eyes
But I don't really care, they're all drowning down here
So I will disappear, I will disappear
Find my way up north, find out what I'm worth
Try and understand, just how big I am

Check out the tracks here.
Download North direct link
Download Dirty Side Down direct link

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