Sunday, April 18, 2010


If you haven't seen the first episode of Treme then what are you waiting for? Created by the team who brought you The Wire, HBO has a brand new series called Treme which takes place three months after Katrina. I'm not an avid TV watcher, but I was impressed with Treme and can't wait until the next episode.

If you like the funky and soulful side of New Orleans, then check it out.

Rebirth and Elvis Costello (non-playing) made cameos in the first episode. Galactic is in tonight's episode.

Here's a couple of trailers...

If you want more info on Treme, you should read a Salon article by Billy Sothern.

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Ryan D said...

I think this show looks awesome based on that first episode, but there's one thing I've been finding hard to deal with. It's so damn festive and musical, that it's annoying to watch at night when you're trying to catch some zzz's (which is the pretty much the time I watch TV).