Monday, March 14, 2011

Coventry Music Blog's March Madness Pool

Greetings to all hoops fans. You are cordially invited to Coventry's March Madness Pool. It's free to join and we're hosting it over at ESPN's Fantasy Games. Here's your chance to test your skills against Coventry's crew: Pauly, the Joker, BTreotch, Broseph, IronGirl, Change100 and who knows which one of the Disco Sisters will play.

And if you hate basketball, well here's your chance to make the next couple of weeks interesting by randomly gambling on the outcome.

Last year, FeePhan won it all.

We will be giving out prizes to only the top spot!
1st - Phish DVD (Coral Sky or Alpine Valley)

Group Name: Coventry Music Blog
Password: wookpatrol

Click here to sign up.
Click here to join our group.
First place will win a DVD of Coral Sky or Alpine Valley. Second place gets nothing, so you better win this and get the tie-breaker final score correct.

You have until Thursday morning to sign up. Good luck.

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