Sunday, March 13, 2011

R.I.P. Owsley Stanley

Owsley Stanley passed away in Australia.

Stanley met the Grateful Dead during the infamous acid tests in 1966. He'd become their sound guy (recording practices to create a better mix for shows), not to mention the bands' liquid sunshine hook up.

Stanley also invented the now infamous "Steal Your Face" logo with his friend/artist Bob Thomas. Stanley wanted the Dead's gear to stand out from other bands (when they played festivals and multi-band gigs), so he marked their gear with Stealies.

When California outlawed LSD, Stanley moved to Colorado to set up a new lab. He mixed LSD in a house across the street from the Denver Zoo.

In 1967, Stanley went to jail for possession of 350,000 doses of LSD.

Most random fact about Stanley? His grandfather was the former governor of Kentucky.

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Irongirl01 said...

If Chris Kuroda is the 5th member of Phish then Owsley is most certainly the CK5 of the Grateful Dead (not sure if that makes him GD6 or 7) as well as the Paul Languedoc of the GD, as one of the founders of Alembic.