ericallen07 Leads Coventry's March Madness Pool

There are only 16 teams left in the NCAA college hoops tournament. So, how are things progressing in Coventry's March Madness Pool? Looks like Broseph and myself are well representing the Coventry Crew because we're both in the Top 10. Kari was leading the pool after the Round 2, but at the completion of Round 3, ericallen07 (E. Allen) is out in front with 490 points.
Coventry's March Madness Pool - Top 9 (Thru Round 3):
1 ericallen07 (E. Allen) - 490
2 dmayerick127 (D. Mayerick) - 470
3 shearfactor (a. bloomfield) - 460
3 ohkeepah (j. wendt) 460
3 bbroad255 (B. Broad) 460
3 little_cougs (K. Armstrong) 460
3 Wende (B. Wende) 460
3 godard4 (g. gorgos) 460
9 amlard24 (A. Lardieri) 440
9 Shakedown Street (Pauly) 440
9 $ (J. Kenny) 440
9 illeagle (Broseph) 440
9 budlightdabest (s. curren) 440
For complete standings, visit our pool standings.

Play resumes on Thursday evening. FYI...The Sweet 16 games will take place on Thursday and Friday. The Elite 8 games are slated for Saturday and Sunday.


Broseph said…
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devilphish said…
Those scores are all well and good, but I like my score of 420 better.


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