Saturday, March 05, 2011

Trey Anastasio Band L.A. Setlist 3/4/11

TAB tour stopped in our own backyard tonight. Well, at least only 6 miles from our own backyard. Pauly, Benjo and I were there to get down and enjoy a fix of Big Red (with horns!)

Trey Anastasio Band - 3/4/11- Music Box Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Set I (mostly acoustic): Chalkdust Torture, Bathtub Gin> Prince Caspian, Theme from the Bottom, Joy, Cavern, Backwards Down the Number Line, Wilson, Heavy Things*, Liquid Time*, Gotta Jibboo**, Push On Til the Day**

Set II: Cayman Review, Burlap Sack and Pump, Ocelot, Valentine, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Money Love and Change, It Makes No Difference, Acting the Devil, Night Speaks to a Woman, Clint Eastwood, Shine^, Sand

E: Dragonfly, First Tube

*= With full band
**= Electric Trey
^=Pauly Takes a Piss Song

Notes: The first set was Trey solo acoustic with the exception of the last four songs.


Unknown said...

i love most of the song in the first set and some song in set 2 sounds new to me..but overall its awesome and surely enjoying...

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Group Hoot! said...

Surely you meant 3/4/2011, cuz i was in Oakland yesterday and pretty sure Trey was too.

Pauly said...