Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Phish: Rare & Unreleased

Here is an acoustic set played between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm for KBCO's "Studio C" series, where musicians coming to the Denver area are interviewed and perform live on the radio.

11-03-98 KBCO (97.3 FM) Studios, Boulder, CO

01 Intro
02 Driver
03 Interview
04 Wading in the Velvet Sea
05 Interview
06 Possum
07 Interview
08 Roggae
09 Outro



Steve In Denver said...

If you're not familiar with KBCO, their Studio C stuff is amazing. They just had Grace Potter on the other week, and have killer guests all the time. You can stream a channel of nothing but live acoustic stuff from their website - studio c channel. I've made several discs of the stuff that doesn't make the annual cd. Love it.

Yome NetSan said...

I actually posted a CD-sourced version of this show back in september 2010.
You can grab it here :