Monday, March 28, 2011

ericallen07 Still Leads Coventry's March Madness Pool

After a weekend of upsets, we're down to four teams... the proverbial Final Four... and not a single #1 seed is left in the hunt for the title. All of the top-ranked teams fell, and fell hard, as Butler, VCU, Kentucky, and UCONN advanced to this year's Final Four.

At the present moment, ericallen07 is still out in front. If UCONN wins the championship, then rolltide! wait nvm will lock up the pool. If Kentucky wins the championship, then Lordosis Rex takes it down.
Coventry's March Madness Pool - Top 10 Standings:
1 ericallen07 (E. Allen ) 810
2 rolltide! wait nvm (B. Hester) 730
3 robsfootballpicks (R. Tivy) 700
3 pca321 (P. Adams) 700
5 ohkeepah (j. wendt) 660
5 godard4 (g. gorgos) 660
7 MultiBeast (C. Hutton) 640
7 Lordosis Rex (Otis) 640
7 $ (J. Kenny) 640
Click here to view the complete standings.

Coventry's best entries belong to the ladies... IronGirl's Poster Nutbags Nine Lives (tied for 10th) and Change100's Mr. Scheuster's Glee Kids (tied for 15th).

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