Phil Lesh and Friends: PLQ Setlists, Video and Turbo Review for 12/7

On Thursday night Phil Lesh kicked off the first of four gigs with the original quintet of friends otherwise known as the PLQ (John Mollo, Jimmy Herring, Rob Baracco, and Warren Haynes).

Much like last week's run with a different line-up, Phil invited some of his closest friends to join him for a four-night jam session at his own venue, Terrapin Crossroads, in San Rafael, CA. Phil webcast the evening  for $7. Great fucking deal that allowed everyone to rock out couch tour and get a little melodious Dead flow beamed right to your home for the price of cocktail. Phil is webcasting all of his shows over at Terrapin Crossroads' website.

I was busy on Thursday night and missed the webcast. I stumbled upon a video of the 12/6/12 show...

Here's the setlists thus far for Thursday and Friday's shows...
 12/6/12 - PLQ - Terrapin Crossroads - THURSDAY

Set I: Jam > Passenger > Doin' That Rag, China Cat Sunflower > Midnight Rider > China Cat Reprise, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Althea > Viola Lee Blues

Set II: Playin' > Shakedown Street > Can't Find My Way Home > Caution > Don't Step On the Tracks > Southern Cross > Terrapin > I Know You Rider

Encore: Donor Rap, U.S. Blues

* * * * *

12/7/12 - PLQ - Terrapin Crossroads - FRIDAY

Set I: Jam > Golden Road, Soulshine > Good Lovin, Sugaree, Acadian Driftwood, Mississippi Half-Step > Cumberland Blues

Set II: Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain, Patchwork Quilt > St. Stephen > Good Times Bad Times > St. Stephen > Eleven > Jessica > Unbroken Chain > Going Down the Road Feeling Bad > We Bid You Goonight

Encore: Donor Rap, Casey Jones

Here's a Turbo Review of PLQ 12/7/12...

Yes, the h3tty turbo review is back by popular demand! I had awesome evening and got to cap it off with PLQ. Earlier in the day, I bought a Christmas tree with my girlfriend and we decorated it, before I watched a few NBA games (bet on all three and won... see Ocelot Sports for more details), and then fired up the webcast. Phil was a little late and joked that they "were on MST or Musician Standard Time."

Set 1 opened with a slow-plodding jam for few minutes before tearing into a peppy Golden Road. Glad they got Soulshine out of the way early, ah just kiddin', I actually dug this reggae-flavored rendition. Rob cheesed it out on Good Lovin', but he much more subdued these days (I think he's taking his meds or eating a lot less diet pills). Back in the day Robby B got a little too enthusiastic... like your friend who loves to tell the punch lines to your jokes. Sugaree was the highlight of the set, but was impressed with their version of Arcadian Driftwood. Jimmy was cooking (like serious, redneck BBQing) on Cummberland Blues.

At setbreak, I played some of the highlights from the Thursday show (like that silky smooth Althea > Viola). Second set opened up with a fatty, thirty minute version of Scarlet > Fire. I took a piss during Patchwork Quilt, but I was fucking pumped for St. Stephen > Good Times Bad Times > Eleven. Although GTBT was unfinished, it was cool to hear them give it a rip while sandwiched in between Stephen/11. The first set was peppered with Jessica teases, and the boys waited until the middle of the second set to unleash the beast, and we got to hear Southern fried licks blended with NoCal's phinest. It almost seemed like they ran out of gas for the final stretch of Unbroken Chain > GDTRFB > Bid You Goodnight. The encore was... my favorite Dead song... Casey Jones. That was the perfect time for Robby B to go nuts on a super-speedy-turbo-charged ending. He must've done like six biker rails in the bathroom before the encore.

PLQ will return for two more shows on Saturday and Sunday. Visit Terrapin Crossroads for more info.

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