Phish MSG Setlist: 12/30/12 Night 3

Night three of four at the Garden.

12/30/12... Les Phish, MSG, NYC

1: Jim, Cities, Divided Sky,  Back on the Train, Ride Captain Ride, Ocelot, YaMar, Horn, My Friend My Friend, Antelope

2: DWD > Twenty Years Later > Carini > Backwards, Julius, Slave

Encore: HOOD, Show of Life

The show is available for download via We encourage you to support LivePhish because they donate some of the proceeds to the Mockingbird Foundation.


DoctorRon said…
Wow...what a setlist. What a show!

Caught second set on the interwebz stream and it just made me upset that I couldn't be there.

Excellent reporting as always Pauly; can't wait for the writeup!

Have a great time for all of us that are lacking the fundage to be there!

Be safe my friend my friend!
wook patrol said…
spencer said…
thefamilyguy said…
I drove from Philly to see the show last night and I was blown away. Thanks for the link, even though I have a ticket. It was a magical night.

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