Phil Lesh and Friends Setlist and Turbo-Review 11/30/12 Terrapin Crossroads

With Furthur tour obligations complete, Phil Lesh ditched Bob Weir and got his own band of Friends back together. He invited four of his favorite musicians to jam out three nights in a row. Friday evening was the first of a three night run at Terrapin Crossroads. Those four? Joey Russo, John Medeski, John Scofield, and Warren Haynes.

I was stuck working, but listened to the live stream (watching outright at times and rocking out to air guitar during Liz Reed). For $7? Well worth the price of admission. If Phil is live streaming his Saturday and/or Sunday's show, you should check him out. Visit the Terrapin Crossroads website for more info.

Seriously, only $7? Great fucking deal. Get some herb, drink some booze, call up some friends, and settle in for a night of Dead tunes and other covers with Phil Lesh, Medeski, Scofield, Russo, and Warren.

Here's the setlist...

Phil Lesh & Friends, 11/30/12 Terrapin Crossroads

Set 1: Alligator > Deal, Mississippi Half-Step > Built to Last, She Said She Said, Chinatown Shuffle, Midnight Hour

Set 2: Shakedown St > Caution > Crossroads > Just a Little Light, EYES > Liz Reed > Eyes > Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain

Encore: Donor Rap, And It Stoned Me
Here's a turbo review...

Jackie Greene opened, but I missed his set. I logged on at the end of Deal. The five guys got cooking during Midnight Hour, but as soon as they heated up, Phil pulled the plug and they ended the set. Built to Last is bittersweet. Warren singing is a much better option than Phil, but it's difficult to listen to any version these days because there's a huge hole missing in the middle without Jerry.

Spaced-out second set. More cosmic and jammy. Thought they were going to break out Dark Star after the Shakedown Street blastoff. The show peaked with the Eyes jam that morphed into the Allman Brothers' In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. I must've worn out my copy of the Live at the Fillmore East when I was in college. I actually caught a fair share of ABB shows in the 90s when I lived in Atlanta. That incarnation of the ABB was anchored by Warren Haynes, who helped revive the ABB. The sprang back to life for a couple of years before they finally got sick of an uber-douchey Dickey Betts and told him to bugger off. 1993-94 was a crazy time to live in Atlanta because four of my favorite bands were constantly crossing through town or playing within a four-five hour drive... Grateful Dead, Phish, Panic, Allman Brothers Band... I got to see so many of their live shows in a short period of time.

Sorry for the tangent... Liz Reed brought back lost of shroomy flashbacks. Anyway, Scofield smoked the shit out of Liz Reed and channeled his inner Duane Allman. They somehow snaked around into Scarlet. Easily the highlight of the night. For the encore, Phil gave his donor rap then let Warren sing a Van Morrison cover.

I love the fact that Phil Lesh is streaming these shows, especially for only $7. Check out Terrapin Crossroads for a schedule of future shows and webcast information.

* * *
Here's some video of the second set...


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