The Show - 12/7/97

Much like 5/8/77 is considered the Holy Grail of shows for Deadheads, 12/7/97 has taken on a similar role in the nation of Phisheads.

Did Phish achieve perfection on 12/7/97? They certainly came close. They were on fire for most of the year... and it's those random nights in 1997 that so many jaded vets have been jonesin' for for a decade or more.

Phish as a band is constantly evolving. Like a shark, Phish must move forward or die. But if the Ice Age returned and froze Phish forever, it would be somewhere around 12.7.97 that I'd like to hear for eternity. 

Here's the "show" of all shows. Dayton. 1997. Pay you respects. Crank it up. Piss off the neighbors. Time to celebrate the Year of the Funk.


James said…
After witnessing the monster of a second set in Detroit then getting throttled with the first set of Dayton I remember specifically letting our crew know that I didn't need to see the second set because I had hit the nirvana of what Phish is. True to form the second set was a let down. STill fun but between second set Detroit and first set Dayton I've NEVER witnessed anything better....ever....

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