Phish Setlist Hollywood Bowl 8/5/13 and New Wook Patrol Podcasts

Poster by James Flames
Phish ends their west coast swing in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl.

Here is the setlist...
The Phish, 8/5/13 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles CA

Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Moma Dance, Sparkle, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Lawn Boy, Wolfman's Brah, Roses are Free, Scent of a Mule*, Ocelot, Cavern, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Set 2: Chalkdust, Golden Age > Birds, Sand > DWD, My Friend My Friend, HOOD, Zero

E: Loving Cup

*= with drum solo featuring all band members  

Click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.


We posted three new Wook Patrol Podcasts!
Episode 9: Hollywood Bowl Traffic Jam (1:46) - While stuck in a huge crowd waiting to cross the street, Pauly chats with Broseph about their encounter with an eclectic cross-section of people at the Hollywood Bowl.

Episode 10L.A. vs. S.F. and Sneaking in Fireball (with Leslie) (6:54) - Pauly chats with Leslie the morning after the Hollywood Bowl show. They discuss the differences between L.A. and S.F. crowds, along with her secrets for sneaking Fireball into shows. Plus, Pauly pontificates on why Phish has only done 1 show in Texas in 3.0.

Episode 11: Hollywook Bowl (with Broseph) (4:29) - Broseph tellsPauly about his wookery adventures while angle-shooting inept beer vendors at the Hollywood Bowl.

Check out the Wook Patrol archives and listen to the other episodes we recorded at Tahoe and San Francisco.


Pauly said…

Episode 9 -

Pauly chats with Broseph about their encounter with an eclectic bunch of people at the Hollywood Bowl.
Jupiter Bunny said…
Try this:
Thank you so much for posting the link!! The only show I'm missing from the entire tour is 8/4/13. Anyone have? Thanks a million!! See you all at Dick's!!
RunawayBurn said…
Thanks Jupiter.
Thanks for your assistance Jupiter!

I'm still looking out heady phriends for a copy of San Fran Night 3. It's pretty bare out there, but I'll post a link if I find it.
michael said…
Bill Graham (8/04/13)

Lifeboy said…
Chalkdust is missing from 8/5...Thanks a bunch to all who make this happen. See ya at Dicks!
Jupiter Bunny said…
Chalkdust file added to the folder.
Thank you so much Jupiter Bunny!! Mucho appreciated!!

Michael- those links for 8/4 are bunk... :(

Does anyone have 8/4?? I'll kick you a beer or nug in Denver!!

wook patrol said…
Here is the whole summer tour.
wook patrol said…
*^^check back for San Fran links. I'll try to work on posting San Fran tonight. Patience is a virtue.

Very appreciated brother!! I will continue to work on patience.... Thank you for sending BGCA #3!!

wook patrol said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neither of those links work. You said you are going to post tonight... My patience is working just fine.

ManBug said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
wook patrol said…











part 1:

part 2:









MeToo said…
that FULL_BAND drum circle was so damn sexual
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