Saturday, August 31, 2013

Phish Dicks 8/31/13: Setlist and Podcast - Saturday

Official poster by Ken Taylor

Saturday night dance party. Second of three shows.

Here is what you missed...
Phish, 8/31/13 Commerce City, CO

Set 1: Buried Alive, AC DC Bag, Wolfman's, Yarmouth,  Fee, Halfway to the Moon, The Wedge, Halley's Comet > GIN, Bouncin', Mound, Gumbo, Antelope

Set 2: Chalkdust Torture, Light > 46 Days > Steam > Free > Joy > 2001 > Tweezer > Backwards

Encore: On the Road Again, Tweezer Reprise


BTW, here's a Wook Patrol Podcast we recorded at the after-party and the morning after...
Episode 13 - Dusty Bubbles - Dusty tells Pauly about how he tried to bring in a giant bubble wand into the Phish show.

Episode 14 - Tough Ticket Saturday - Joker, Jonas, and Pauly discuss the difficult ticket situation for Saturday's show at Dicks. Jonas got lucky and scored an extra after the show began.

Episode 15 - Fire Crotch and Twisted Nipples - Pauly chats with Leslie Fireball and Dr. Scotch about last night's hijinks. Leslie spilled her Fireball in her crotch and Dr. Scotch was molested by a drunk woman.


Pauly said...

Knock yourself out.....

The Kids Under the Carpet and the Purple Humpedback Whale said...

Thanks DrPauly!

Al Maven said...

First let me say thank, thank you to all that have posted on this site!

Second, I believe I have cracked the Halloween 2013 code.... This years show will not feature a costume album, but rather a collaborative revue from another group.

Using the final song of Dick's nts, 1 & 2, i have determined the following: MEatstickTweezER which obviously spells METER.
1st set will feature Noecentelli, Gordon, McConnell & Modeliste.
2nd Set: Anastasio, Porter, Neville and Fishman.
Maybe more of a wish than prediction, but you heard it here 1st! It's a done deal!

RunawayBurn said...

Thanks DrPauly