Thursday, August 01, 2013

Wook Patrol Podcast Returns with Tahoe Episodes

After a lengthy hiatus, our podcast is back! We recorded a couple of new episodes of The Wook Patrol Podcast featuring your favorite members of the Coventry Music crew. These special Tahoe episodes are roughly 3 minutes long and included cameos from the Joker, Pauly, Wildo, and Change100.

Update... I added a bonus episode with Derek the Hitchhiker.
Wook Patrol Podcast - Tahoe 2013

Episode 1: Velvet Sea and Phishy Chick or Hooker? (2:53) -- Pauly asks Wildo and the Joker what they do during Velvet Sea. The Joker explains the new game we play late night in the casinos -- "Phishy Chick or Hooker?"

Episode 2: The Lot DJ (3:13) -- Pauly asks the Joker to explain his philosophy about being the best DJ on the lot.

Episode 3: Phamily Poker Classic 3 - Update #1 (2:44) -- The Mockingbird Foundation hosted a charity tournament at Harvey's. The Coventry crew participated (Pauly, Wildo, Change100). Pauly interviewed Wildo and Change100 during a break. Change100 describes how she busted a wook.

Episode 4: Change100 Makes Final Table of Phamily Poker Classic (3:59) -- Pauly busted in 56th place (out of 104), but Wildo and Change100 went deep. Wildo was knocked out in 12th place. Change100 made the final table. She busted in 8th place, but she made the money.

Episode 5: Poop Your Pants (with Derek the Hitchhiker) (1:29) -- Special guest "Derek the Hitchhiker" shows up at the after-party with 2 jugs of aloe vera water, which he claims will help you "poop your pants." He may/may not have pooped his pants during Tweezer.

Hopefully we'll record a few more episodes in San Francisco.

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