Monday, October 24, 2016

Phish Dallas Setlist: 10/24/16 Grand Prairie, TX

Phish returned for a two-night run in Texas by playing the swank bougie theatre in Grand Prairie a.k.a. the Dallas suburbs. This is the last stop before Phish heads to Vegas for the Halloween run. After a tepid opening to the tour, Phish has been heating up after the last couple of shows. The sentiment in the lot is dread for the new songs and orgasmic anticipation for the Halloween cover album.

Check out @tourphish on Persicope for any streams.

Here's what you missed...

Los Phish, 10.24.16 Grand Prairie, Texas

Set 1: No Man's Land, Breath and Burning, Poor Heart, Wolfman's Bruh, Water in the Sky, My Soul, NICU, ICE, Ocelot, Fuck Your Face, Ass Handed, I Saw It Again, Running Out of Time, Bowie

Set 2: Dog Faced Boy, Seven Below, Petrichor, Maze, Dirt, I Always Wanted It This Way > Piper, BUG

E: Buffalo Bill, Rock & Roll

Fall Setlists: Chucktown 10.14 - Chucktown 10.15 - Jax 10.16 - Nashville 10.18 - Nashville 10.19 - ATL 10.21 - ATL 10.22 - Dallas 10.24 - Dallas 10.25


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Thanks for the link. Will make a nice start to the day. Cheers.

Jerrythemule said...

Droids down! Requesting reinforcements!

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