Friday, October 21, 2016

Phish Atlanta Setlist: Alpharetta, GA 10/21/16

Another weekend with Phish in the South. First of two nights in the Atlanta Suburbs.

Listen to an audio stream via Terrapin Radio or custy up and buy the webcast at LivePhish.
Phish, 10.21.16 Alpharetta, GA
Set 1: Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, AC DC Bag, Back on the Train, Blaze On, Sugar Shack, Things People Do, Birds, Mercury, Let's Go, Alaska, More

Set 2: DWD > Carini > Winterqueen > GHOST, Possum, SLAVE

E: Loving Cup

Fall Setlists: Chucktown 10.14 - Chucktown 10.15 - Jax 10.16 - Nashville 10.18 - Nashville 10.19 - ATL 10.21 - ATL 10.22


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We're searching for two droid units.

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@Nom3 -- Thanks!