Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 11 - 8/4/17 Night 11 - LEMON POPPY

DONUT: Lemon Poppy

The final weekend of Baker's Dozen. Night 11 of 13. What's gonna go down?

The remainder MSG run will be webcast at LivePhish.

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Here's what you missed on Friday...
Phish, Baker's Dozen Night 11 - 8.4.17 MSG, NYC

Set 1: See That My Grave is Kept Clean**, PYITE > Party Time, Big Black Furry Creatures from Mars, Dinner and a Movie, Ocelot, Poor Heart, Winterqueen, Bold As Love, First Tube

Set 2: Dem Bones, No Men in No Man's Land > Everything in its Right Place**, What's the Use > Scents and Subtle Sounds > Prince Caspian > Fluffhead

E: Frankenstein

**debut, FTP

420-Word Quicke Recap: NIGHT 11 LEMON POPPY
by @taopauly

Friday Donut: Lemon Poppy... The final weekend. Tough ticket. Had not seen so many fingers in the air for an MSG show since NYE 2002... Carolina friend flew up for a single show with only clothes on his back and a phone charger. I heard similar stories about deadicated phans who sacrificed insane things to see one show... Irongirl01, my Deadhead big sister, visited from Albany for 2 shows... Opener blues cover by Blind Lemon Jefferson... PYITE > Party Time set the life/lemons/let's make lemonade party theme of the night. Party Time clocked in longer than sloppy Punch... BBFCFM, the lone punk song in Phish' cannon. Darby Crash would be proud. We got a glimpse of what Phish woulda been if Gordo/Fish formed a punk band and Trey/Page left Vermont to start a blues band in NYC with John Popper... Dinner & Movie legit bustout. Fortunate to be at shows whenever it popped up in 3.0. Schwasted aisle-dancer asked if D&M was new song... Ocelot = not wearing shirt... Winterqueen sleepercell sucked in a lot of folks in who normally dismissed the frosty ballad... Bold As Love = Leo crushes covers Volume 117. Surprised Jimi didn't end the set... First Tube always delivered the on the multi-orgo-climax... No Man's Land popped up in the two hole behind a rare a capella second set opener. NMINML got weird enough textually to set up a synthy-Radiohead cover... We've been chasing a Radiohead cover since Festival 8. Everything In It's Right Place was a Top 5 personal moment from BD. Should have seen it coming too with the "sucking on a lemon lyric." When NME tracked down Yorke for a comment on Phish, he deadpanned, "I heard the ladies fancy the piano player"... WTU with Radiohead lemon lyrics punched holes in the fabric of time and space. I had one of those nights when the party favors expedited time and sped it up so fast that the entire show felt like it spanned only 60 minutes... Scents Subtle Sounds sans intro... Could not top the Pitt Caspian from. Glad they didn't try. Been blowing Caspain the fuck up last couple summers, eh?... Fluffhead everyone maniacally waiting for... Page jumped on keytar and ripped funk'd-crack'd-up Frankenstein... Leaving venue, I told my Carolina bud, "You got a Radiohead cover plus Fluffhead at your first-ever MSG show?! Rest of the night was molly-sprinkled biscuits-n-gravy"... 11 down, 2 more to go.

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Argonaut said…
Sorry for the late droids. Here's some lemons to make up for it:
fourfootflood said…
Thanks for the lemonade Argo.
Unknown said…
Every droid in its right place

much love
Semperet said…
Many thanks. Haven't been on in a while, but you're all still there. Loved the opening tune last night. Can't wait to see whether the Radiohead cover is up there with their Purple Rain (!).
Unknown said…
Any chance of re-upping MSG4 ?
BBFCreatureFM said…
Argo and Pauly, thanks for the recaps and droids over the course of this run. Very much appreciated.
RunawayBurn said…
Jam filled droid Night IV:

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