Particle and Lotus Plays Knit Ball in Hollywood

I'm going to a concert at the Knitting Factory in West Hollywood on Friday with Change100. Two of my favorite bands Particle and Lotus are playing at the first annual Knit Ball, which features other bands such as New Monsoon, Delta Nove, Aphrodesia, and Blue Turtle Seduction. Here's how the promoters describe the night:
They call it "Space Porn," and no it isn't based on the opening scenes of Barbarella. A mix of '70s space rock ala Pink Floyd, the swinging wah wah sass of a '70s porno soundtrack, and the speed, grandeur, inspired soloing and dexterity of '70s fusion along the lines of Return to Forever create a sum equal to Particle. This show will feature like- minded instrumental jam explorers embarking on long journeys across the fret and keyboards on all three Knitting Factory stages.
Yeah, bring on the space porn! I first saw Particle at a post-Phish party in San Francisco back in 2000. And yes, I was rollin' pretty hard then. Most recently Particle opened for Trey Anastasio Band last May at Hammerstien Ballroom in NYC. Trey sat in with Particle and performed a sizzling version of 2001 with them.

I'm pumped to see some music while I'm out in Hollyweird. I've never been to the west coast version of the Knitting Factory. Senor and I have seen dozens of shows there in NYC. The original Knitting Factory was located in a building in SoHo that used to be a knitting factory... hence the name. Thousands of illegal immigrants used to work there. Now hipsters snort coke in the bathrooms and buy over priced pints of Brooklyn Lager at the bar while they listen to a dozens bands that sound like poorly orchestrated rip-offs of Velvet Underground. Lou Reed would piss and shit in those guys ears if he heard their noise.


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