Monday, October 20, 2008

3rd Quarter Results 2008 Mix by BTreotch

July, August & September. Shit was hot. Spending every summer of my 31 years in either Texas or Florida has gotten me accustomed to sweating, sandals and a lack of concerts. Thank god for the glory of interwebs and music blogs to supplement my ear balls. The Glowing City by {{{Sunset}}} and TV on the Radio's Dear Science have left the biggest impression on me and have solidified spots in my top ten albums of the year. TVotR has gotten quite a bit of press - it's well deserved - these guys are making powerful music, dark and genre bending. The Glowing City is one of these albums that comes out of nowhere and smacks you with tasteful surprises. I just can't get enough of Thao Nguyen - her first album Like the Linen is stripped down compared to this year's We Brave Bee Stings and All, but the quality song writing and unique style is there. Juana Molina is an Argentinian artist making dreamy, well layered space folk, her newest album Un Dia is her fifth.


Anonymous said...

Great for my Monday :) I always look forward to your mixes because I know my ears are in for a treat.

I really like the Zombies song, "if your heart isn't dancing you might as well be dead."


Pauly said...

Good shit. Love the Thao addition.

Beep said...

this is alan's japanese brother from another mother. further 3rd quarter comments (and perhaps a separate mix) to come.

baka yaroo!