Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trey Anastasio YouTube: Mr. Completely

I think its great how many phans are getting some awesome videos up from nearly every show these days. This one in particular caught my attention from the National Richmond, Va 10/25/08 - its short but it captures two things I love to see and hear: 1) The power and precision of Trey playing the long notes in a riff and (more importantly) 2) How happy Trey looks to be alive and on stage about 1:15 into this clip. Check it out:

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ericwyman said...

Amazing. I've been impressed with how each show seems to get better listening to them. That head-nod is classic Trey, I hope he can keep it steadily in his repertoire.

btw, for more classic Trey and, if I were him, the single most embarrassing thing I have ever seen...