Magnolia Fest 2008: An Adventure to be Remembered!

A weekend away – I was ready to play – get dirty and down, with the best bluegrass around.

I arrived and found camp, along with my friends - all were ready for the fun to begin.

Gimme The WaCo Ramblers, with a cute mandolin player, that was it, I was taken, my booty was shakin’.

The beer was a flowin’ – Sweetwater 420 – I was so happy and free just lovin’ on everybody. Smiles and hugs and smooches to all – it began to get rainy as the night did fall. I was running around making tons of new friends, riding in golf carts and singing, my heart was pumping full-fledged!

Next came the forest goblins known as Tornado Rider – their music pumped me up and lifted me higher and higher.

So, we danced and we jumped and we spun and we shouted, all the while smelling more and more like we needed a shower.

The thing about me, is I’m as happy as can be, but give me a special chocolate and there’s more to be seen – escalating the feeling of warmth and giggles, I was running around the park with a severe case of the wiggles!

Two nights we did spend, into the wee hours of the morning, having a hootenanny and jammin' around a campfire with whiskey. Around went the moonshine and everyone was getting real frisky!

And then along comes Matt the fiddler, who sure was amazing, for being only 18 his fingers were blazing, across the instrument as he played and he played, he sure tore it down, I could only smile up and feel one with the ground.

I was already planning to come back for Spring Fest in March, seeing The Gourds on the lineup got me fully charged. Goodbyes were hard, back to my life, but this was a much-needed reprieve to get rid of my strife.

Until I see my new friends again, I leave for you all a chance to know them. A mixture of songs that will surely delight and cause you to smile both day and night - just as I had done from beginning to end of this marvelous weekend in Suwannee music land.

Mag Fest Mix 2008

The DuhksGene's Machine Mary McMahon's-
Pretty Little Indian-Sligo Creek-
The Dublin Reel
Donna the Buffalo – No Place Like the Right Time
Joe Craven – Hattie & Jenelle
Jim Lauderdale, Ralph Stanley, and The Clinch Mountain Boys
I Feel Like Singing Today
The WaCo Ramblers – Hatton Holler Hill
Donna Jean & the Tricksters – So Hard
Little Feat featuring: Sam Bush, Emmylou Harris, and Bela Fleck – Sailin’ Shoes
Crooked Still – Can’t You Hear Me Callin’
Peter Rowan – Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
Blueground Undergrass – Potter’s Wheel
Vassar Clements – Florida Blues
David Gans – Sovereign Soul


BTreotch said…
cute - did that brunette try to get her strawberry on?
Anonymous said…
hehe - yep - Jess and I were partners in crime all weekend!!!!

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