Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phish Reunion Ticket Prices: Market Update

Like many of you, I was ready to throw up as I watched the prices of Phish tickets climbing by the second on that sidebar as I hopelessly reloaded Ticketmaster time after time that early morning two Saturdays ago as we tried to score the goods for the Coventry gang. By mid-morning after the onsale, the broker's market was flooded with hundreds of Hampton tickets, and the price of a single entry to Friday's show couldn't be found anywhere for less than $300. One poster on Phantasy Tour even bragged about selling off his three-day pass for over $1,600 on Ebay (only to be instantaneously flamed by dozens of angry phans).

So what's the market like at the moment for the ticket brokers? Well, it hasn't come down in price, that's for sure.

On Ebay there are currently 101 auctions running for Hampton tickets. Final prices on single tickets are running around $300-$350 each for all three shows with "Buy it Now" prices up in the $450-$600 range. A pair of three-day passes are currently offered at $1,500 with about 6 hours left in the auction.

On VividSeats the bottom price for a Friday ticket is currently $335, with some douchebags charging as much as $720. Tickets for the Saturday show start at $305, while Sunday is a relative bargain at $240. Other brokers like Coast to Coast, Ticket Liquidator, and Online Seats show similar pricing.

Things are a bit pricier on StubHub. The Friday show starts at $400/ticket while Saturday starts at $345 and Sunday at $275. The cheapest 3-day pass listed? $1,100. Some dildo is even attempting to sell his 3-day pass on there for $250,000. Yeah, good luck with that buddy.

The most evil of them all, TicketsNow (a Ticketmaster company) has the most seats available, but the prices are still ridiculous-- $375 to $1654 for Friday, $343-$1605 for Saturday and $273-$1,069 for Sunday.

Nauseous yet?

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Dabchick said...

Though, with four months to save up I'm sure I could buy a pair for me and my girl, the idea of shelling out $600 for tickets is seriously repulsive.

This is the first landmark show I'll be missing since getting into the band back in '95. I suppose I consider myself fortunate to have always managed to find a ticket for the important shows over the past decade +. It's a new feeling to be shut out, and although I've got the ability to shell out the money and get in the door, the concept of doing so just feels wrong. I'm sure plenty of other fans feel the same way.

Regardless of the Hampton get-back/shut-out, I still feel happy the boys are back. Hovering at the 49 show mark, I feel the odds are good that 2009 will see me reach 50 at some point!

In the meantime, let those ticket brokers rot.