Monday, October 13, 2008

Lotus at the Ogden Theater, Fri 10/10/08

I have been slacking over here at Coventry recently, I know. I have been extremely busy at work with the recent stock market troubles and as a result taking time away from blogging.

I did squeeze in time to check out Lotus at the Ogden on Friday night, and wrote up a short review. The full review is over at my favorite music blog Hidden Track. Here is an excerpt:

"I am guilty of lumping Lotus into the jamtronica scene along with STS9, Bisco and Pnuma Trio. I now feel like that label sells them short. Lotus is a guitar band led by the beautifully-composed lines of Mike Rempel. Everything seems to come back to the guitar. When keyboardist/guitartist Luke Miller joins Remple on guitar Lotus is at their best. I love the Lotus two guitar attack. Invincibility is a perfect example of this sound. When Lotus is in their two guitar formation the compositions are the most compelling, perhaps at the expense of the dance party. Lotus has their own unique sound that never got into an mindless untz which is sometimes the trap of jamtronica."

Check out the full writeup here. Thanks to Scotty B. at Hidden Track for the hookup.

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