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Phish 7/16/13 Alpharetta: Setlist and Recap - Heartbreaker Night #1

Official poster by Justin Santora
Phish returned to Atlanta for a two-night stint in the burbs at the cozy Alpharetta ampitheatre.

Here is the setlist from the first night in Georgia...
The Phish, 7/16/13 Alpharetta, GA

Set 1:  Kill Devil Falls, Mound, GIN, Army of One, Rift, Horn, Possum, Pebbles and Marbles, Ocelot, Cavern, Antelope 
Set 2:Rock n Roll > Heartbreaker ** > Makisupa > Chalkdust > Wilson > Tweezer > Silent > Birds > Joy, HOOD, Zero

Encore: A Day in the Life, Tweeprise

Notes: ** FTP, Justin Beiber Cover (just kidding... it was Taylor Swift)

Times: Set 1 began at 8:11pm ET and ended at 9:35pm. Set 2 began at 10:05pm. The show ended at 11:36pm ET.

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KDF opener via @jiggslikesphish

Couch Tour Recap: Alpharetta #1 - Hotlanta Heartbreaker
By Pauly

Phish better hope word doesn't get out that they've been practicing witchcraft in the Bible Belt. The zealots and moralists get freaked out by hocus pocus hippie alchemy. They should be. We're coming to your town to help you party down. Lock the medicine cabinets. Hide your daughters. The Phish hath returned to Georgia.

I rocked out on couch tour while counting the hours until my first real show of the tour (Chicago). Arigato to Yasu for the crisp feed. By the start of the second set, I was bumming that I did not jump on tour sooner.

Trey was in full-blown rock God mode and went Heartbreaker on everyone in the second set. Trey teased the fuck out of Zepelin cover throughout the rest in Wilson, Tweezer, Hood, and Zero. Too bad Rock and Roll jam was overshadowed by the Heartbreaker hijinks. All in all, another wild night with the Phish.

KDF was a perfect warm-up. They were ready to roll and even pulled off Mound with minimal miscues (someday they'll nail it). Late-set Gins pack a bigger punch, nevertheless, this one in the 3-hole had a tasty-bubbly jam. Rift and Horn back to back gave me flashbacks to college (in Atlanta of all places) when we listened to Rift album nonstop shortly after it came out because we had 3 bootlegs among ten of us budding Phisheads. Horn licks in the Possum intro. Page hammered the ivories on Possum jam. Thought a TTE was coming... but it was thankfully Pebbles and Marbles. I fancy myself an Ocelot aficionado. That mini-jam was a good A-, accented by Page/Gordo's tag team, wild Samoan jam. Slightly longer pause at end of Cavern. Crowd was stoked for Antelope. Eleven songs in the first set, which fell right in line with how they'd approached gis this year. The Phish Summer Tour 2013 Formula for set 1... greatest hits and deep cuts sprinkled throughout a 90-minute. 11-song opening set. The second sets have been around 2-3 songs lighter, but with significantly more jamming.

Page Warhol
Set 2 kicked off with a smoking Rock and Roll... a harbinger of some classic rock with a nod to Velvet Underground, the OG hipsters. The RR jam was so artsy and peppy that Andy Warhol would have been so impressed with Page that if this were 1966, he woulda repalced Nico with Leo. Trey dropped a few Jimmy Page licks in there and thought it was just a tease, but then they launched into a an all-out Heartbreak assault. Flashbacks from the night I was super schwilly in Atlantic City for Zeppelin night. The jam got a little crunchy-funky before Makisupa. Trey got his ya-yas out with Chalkdust self-wankery. The crowd went apeshit for Wilson. Trey was in full-blown guitar-rock God mode. There was nothing stopping him rest of this set... (except Joy). Rock-funk Tweezer. Everyone knew a Heartbreaker was going to get a call back. I still went nuts (on my couch, doing air guitar like a total tool). Hertbreaker got squeezed in whenever Trey could add a lick or tease (like in Wilson, Tweezer,  Hood, and Zero). Another Silent without Horse (I like it,but did those two break up?). Quickie Birds. Trey flubbed Joy. Fishman was raging all set and he needed a break, but I though that's what Silent was for? Hood got the energy cooking again. Intense tension-release on Zero. Crowd hung on every note. The encore was a Leo-slaying Beatles cover A Day in the Life and highly-anticipated Tweeprise.

Tuesday barn burner with another one coming tomorrow.

 FYI... download 7/16/13 at LivePhish.com.


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