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Phish 7/14/13 MPP: Setlist and Recap - Merriweather Night #2, Columbia, MD

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Phish completed the second of a two-night stint at Merriweather, one of the band's favorite venues on the East Coast.

Here is the setlist from the Sunday show:
Phish 7/14/13 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD

Set 1: First Tube, MoMA Dance > NICU, Roses Are Free > Chalkdust, STASH, Scent of a Mule, Ice, Tube, Antelope

Set 2: Golden Age > Twist > Backwards > Light > Boogie On > Julius, YEM

Encore: Loving Cup

Times: Set 1 began at 7:40pm and ended at 9:02pm. Set 2 started at 9:28pm. The show ended at 10:51pm ET.

Here is the 7/13/13 setlist from MPP night #1. Also, click here to see every Phish setlist from this summer tour, plus links to vids and recaps.
Fish's new toy -- electric marimba
Photo by Lisa Dorothy (H/T @HoodStream)

Couch Tour Recap: MPP #2 Sunday Sunday
by Pauly

Never miss a Sunday show, eh? Second night at MPP. I was rocking out on couch tour courtesy of a crisp stream (thanks to "telephish" and Hood Streams). First set was the standard greatest hits with 10 songs spread out over 80 minutes with a sick Stash, while the second set was a 7-song beast anchored by YEM.

The First Tube opener is one of fastest ways to inject a shit ton of energy into the crowd from the get go. First Tube Roids. Moma funk continued the groove. NICU is a perfect summer song. Crowd was into Roses. Trey wanked off in Chalkdust. Silky smooth key changes in Stash, plus Trey slayed the mofo-dragon in the Stash jam. Really got to enjoy CK5's lights during outro. I'm very critical of Stash the last few years (saw too many phoned-in or lazy peaks in previous versions), but tonight's Stash delivered on all fronts. I can't wait to re-listen. Best pat of Scent was when Fish went all Mickey Hart on us and he played with his new gizmo -- an electric marimba. Amazing delicious jam out of Ice. Funk-fusion came out of nowhere. Tube popped up to continue the funky mood. Short, as per usual. Band felt frisky going into Antelope. Crowd was jacked. You could hear that frenetic energy through the stream. They were ready to explode.

CK5 during TUBE funk
We lost a perfect feed (crisp audio and video) for the second set and had to settle on just audio. Still lucky to hear it. Set 2 opened with Golden Age, which smoothly moved into Twist territory. Patient jamming all night. Trey sat back and let songs evolve instead of anxiously yanking the ripcord whenever he got antsy. First four songs clocked in around 10 minutes each. Light matriculated into a post-modern afro-funk stop-start jam over a couple minutes before delving into Boogie On. Avoided a down shift into a slower tune and go an uptempo Julius instead (typically this was the part of the show when Fish needed a breather and Trey got to sing a ballad). Monstah YEM closed the 7-song set, with an angry monks eating monkeys vocal jam. Rocking Loving Cup encore.

MPP run came to a close with another big second set. The boys head southbound to Atlanta for their only interlude into southern waters before the party migrates to Chicago for a three-night rager.

FYI... download 7/14/13 MP #1 at


Pauly said...

Go to for a rogue stream of the show.

Right now:

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Unknown said...

yesssssss! muchas gracias!

Pauly said...

Nice work, PP!

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd throw this out there. What are the chances I'll catch a PYITE in Chicago? I know it's not much, but after 15 shows I'm still chasing it. Thoughts?

Pauly said...


If they don't play it in Alpharetta (either night), I'd say you have a good 85-90% chance to see it if you go to all 3 Chicago shows.

If they play it in Alpharetta either night, there's ZERO chance.

Pray that they save it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks DrP!

The Kids Under the Carpet and the Purple Humpedback Whale said...

Sorry for the delay, had to devote the morning to hanging out with little dude. Didn't get to hangout too much with him this weekend, although we did hit the Lowe Build and Grow workshop. We built the Pizza Planet from Toy Story. But I digress...

Boy did we get our dancing shoes worn out last night. When the boys open with First Tube, we knew were in trouble. Highlights for me were: Stash, SOAMule (Fishman finally played with the electric marimba we've been spying, to delightful effect), a blistering stop-start jam during Light, and that face melting vocal jam at the end of YEM. If I recall not a singl ripcorded moment by Trey during Set II. Perhaps he really was Phearless indeed.

This was it for us for tour. You kids down south, Chicago, and out west are primed for some great shows.

PS. Alphretta or Chicago, which ever one of you guys get my Punch You in the Eye opener, I thought for sure we were going to get last night, enjoy it.

Al Maven said...

Want to give me sincere and utmost appreciation to everyone!

Without meaning to sound ungrateful, I did want to ask if anyone has a link in zip/rar format? Trubs with indiv format.

Thanks again all!!

Unknown said...

@al -

zips for you