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Phish SPAC 7/6/13: Setlist and Recap - Night #2 Saratoga, NY

Official poster by Drew Millard
The carnival remained in Saratoga Springs for the second of a three-night stint at SPAC.

This show is being webcast over at (they're offering a discount for Sat-Sun shows).

Here is the setlist for SPAC Night #2...
The Phish, 7.6.13 SPAC, Saratoga, NY

Set 1: Crowd Control, Chalkdust, The Wedge, Funky Bitch, Heavy Things, BUG, Bouncin* , Tube, Julius, MELT

Set 2: Backwards > TWEEZER > Sand > Carini > Architect ^^ Wilson > Boogie On > Possum

Encore: Show of Life, Tweeprise
^^ FTP - debut of Architect (TAB song)
* Pauly Takes a Piss Song
Times: Set 1  began at 8:24pm ET and ended at 9:43pm. Set 2 began at 10:13pm and the show ended at 11:29.

When Page stands up, he means BUSINESS!

Couch Tour Recap: SPAC #2 Tweezer Cherry Poppers
By Pauly

Fink brought up the no Tweezer every performed at SPAC stat. Hard to believe, but it was true. I was at the Double Tweprise show with IronGirl, but yeah, SPAC was a monastery for Tweezer. Celibacy at SPAC.... until it finally lost its innocence. Tweezer's cherry got popped, finally. Typical first set game plan -- 10 songs sprinkled with greatest hits and anchored by Split Open and Melt. Second set was an 8-song jam-heavy set with another debut -- Architect -- originally a Trey Band tune that got called up to the big leagues.

First set started out super mellow and felt more like a west coast breezy chillax set. Something perfect for a lazy summer afternoon for a bunch of old hippies and neo-spunions. Gordo showed up with a scarf. His artistic statement was short lived. It was too damn humid for him to carry on his hipster chic for the rest of the set. Crowd Control is a commentary about us (every noob, jaded vet, wook, Phish nerd, casual fan, fourm-tard hater, ornery critic, and tour dog), and I don't think it's a flattering assessment about how they percieve us. Nifty surprise with The Wedge. Fish put on a drum clinic. IronGirl was stuck on the lawn. she sent me a hysterical text mangled by the auto-correct: "CUNT Bitch rocked. Gordo looks like Bourdain, I find him sexy in a weird way." Yeah, the c-word should be "funky bitch." I took a piss for Bouncin. I'm rocking couch tour and went right to my bathroom. Super cool lights for Tube. Digging the new setup. Remember a year ago when everyone was bitching about the vagina hoop lights? Julius injected some much-need energy into a laid-back set. Most of set was gentile like a basket full of fluffy kittens, but that gave way to sinister jam in Melt. Ending had a little extra pizazz. Biggest monster jam of the night (almost 19 minutes).

Page milking the Pumpkin
Second set resembled the first night... very jammy. Backwards opener. "This is a I'm'-gonna-wash-the-dishes-song" said my girlfriend. She noticed Gordo changed scarves. Tweezer. Finally. Downside? Got a ripcord. Upside? In favor of a sultry Sand. Page giggles during Carini. Wasn't as dark and dingy insane asylum crazed, but somewhat upbeat and bright. Longest jam of the second set. Another debut. Architect was toiling in the minors fighting to get in daily rotation on TAB tour, and it got called up the the big leagues. Welcome to the show, Architect! Anyone else see the bro who walked onstage during Architect? Nicky said she saw Trey say "Fuck" after the song ended. Guess he wasn't pleased with the version? It has potential. The Joker thinks the new song has Matrix undertones. We must investigate further (I'll put my best man on it -- a wook with a crank flash light, a couple grams of deemsters, a flask of Siberian glacier water, and a ginormous crystal). Bong-rattling Wilson. My walls were shaking. Trey flubbed lyrics during Boogie On and got thrown off track after he kicked a balloon and it exploded. Back-to-back Gordo boombox combo: Boogie > Possum. The Possum ended the 8-song set. It was much different from Friday's second set. I dug it, but if would have been a couple notches better if they opened with Tweezer and jammed that out for five more minutes instead of Backwards.

Hoped for a Stones cover + Tweeprise encore, but instead we got a cheesed out Show of Life and Tweeprise. I think Bug accomplished what Show of Life struggles to say and Trey does a better job articulating it with Bug, so SoL seems extraneous. Could have been a good time to try out another new song or even Sleeping Monkey or Monkey Man? I dig the Monkey.

Two nights down, one more to go at SPAC. Couch tour has been fun. But I'm itching to get to a show.

Here are setlists/recaps for Bangor and SPAC 1.

FYI... download the 7.6.13 SPAC show at LivePhish.


Irongirl01 said...

Joker and I are on the same wavelength with the Matrix. The Matrix is my favorite Movie. The Architect was a character in the second and third Matrix Films. When Phish busted out the TAB tune a young phan and I held a conversation about it being a character in the Matrix. Wonder if the next tune Trey writes will be called the KeyMaster?

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JOKER has his game face on !! Thanks JOKER.

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