Almost Langerado Time!

Greetings from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Joker and I are in position. We will make the trek to Big Cypress on Thursday afternoon. We're supposed to meet up with the rest of the crew in the early evening. They're driving an RV from G-Vegas, SC and are scheduled to arrive at 5pm. You never know how bad festival traffic will be until you get there.

Looks like I'll be skipping The Palominos, Ben Jelen, Dead Confederate, and Golem. Hopefully we'll have our camp set up and be ready for Les Claypool, which means that I'll skip That 1 Guy, Busdriver, Awesome New Republic. I'd like to catch a bit of The New Deal before Dark Star Orchestra's set. Who knows if Phil Lesh or any other special guests will sit in with the band? And depending on my mood, I might check out a bit of Perpetual Groove.

Expect plenty of live updates between now and Sunday!


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to the updates.. I'd like to see some interviews perhaps, nothing terribly in depth, may be it could be called 'Questioning the Spun'

peacecorn said…
Can't wait to read all about it!
Irongirl01 said…
Tis cliche but have a good show(s)

Looking forward to the updates

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