Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kimya Dawson & Band of Horses, March 22 Cuban Club, Tampa Setlist

Kimya Dawson (very incomplete)
Chemistry, Being Cool, Alphabutt, Giant, Tire Swing with Paul Baribeau (who evidently now lives in Gainesville, FL, but was there in Michigan when Kimya penned the line "Paul Baribeau took me to the giant tire swing"), a Paul Baribeau song, Loose Lips

Band of Horses
The Great Salt Lake, Is There a Ghost, Islands on the Coast, Wicked Gil, Ode to LRC, No One's Gonna Love You, Melt into the Sand*, Thirteen Days$, The First Song, The Funeral, The General Specific

E: Weed Party, Cigarettes, Wedding Bands, Marry Song, Am I a Good Man%

*Ryan Monroe (keyboardist) song, not sure about title
$ JJ Cale cover
% Them Two cover

Band of Horses Is There a Ghost

Kimya Dawson The Beer

It had been three months and one week since I had seen a live show - the Avett Brothers at a packed-house Skipper's Smokehouse - back in mid-December. I have been itching to see live music and in particular the indie rock, reverb loving Band Of Horses. Their first album Everything All the Time received ample time in my Ipod, and their second, Cease to Begin was one of my favorites from 2007. While surveying the concert calendar for Tampa Bay shows on jambase from my Antarctic research desk, I spotted this show and began drooling at the mouth after learning they'd be playing the weekend I got back. After convincing the wife that a Saturday night in Ybor city with the Band of Horses would be more fun than a weekend at a beach hotel, I went online and saw that A) Kimya Dawson was also playing, and B) tickets were only $10. This show came together by way of a skateboard competition post-party with the juxtaposed stylings of the alt-folker Kimya Dawson and the indie rockers Band of Horses. I envision that who hired the talent for the skateboard competition, was either a girl, or the guy had a nagging girlfriend who insisted on the Kimya addition. However it went down, the show worked quite well.

Quite a few celebs were spotted - this is odd for a Tampa show, Bam Margera and Chloe Sevigny in particular - though not by me unfortunately. Every time I think of Chloe Sevigny, I think of the black-tape across the nipples, bed jumping scene in the highly weird movie Gummo, mmm mmm mmm. Anyhow, Given the success of the Juno soundtrack I thought there may be more Kimya fans there, but the majority of the people were there for BoH. Kimya even commented at the sad hipsters in the front row who looked awfully bored with their chins in their hands.

Kimya, "You guys here to see Band of Horses?." Disgruntled hipsters, "Yeah."

Later on Kimya, who was wearing a dress with legs uncrossed, playfully scolded them "Stop looking at my vagina."

Sporadic rain kept the masses away during Kimya's set, but it had stopped by BoH and the crowd was packed in tight through the 15 song show. Personal highlights was the Tire Swing duet, then the three song run to end the set: The First Song, The Funeral, The General Specific. BoH's last song Am I a Good Man was also a good treat. I had to ask the sound guy what song it was - evidently it's a Them Two cover.

videos by Aaron


Anonymous said...

Kimya ended with My Rollercoaster - and per the video you posted somewhere in there she did The Beer - Velvet Rabbit was in there; I think the first song she did was a new one?? I loved every second of seeing her. We'd be friends if she knew me! :)

Here are the albums I have by her:
Remember That I Love You

My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess

Knock-Knock Who?

Hidden Vagenda

I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean

Pauly said...

Strawberry, I think we should give you a log in and you can start posting on out blog!

Anonymous said...

If you all love Kimya because of the Juno soundtrack, don't forget to check out The Moldy Peaches. That which started my liking of her musics.