Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Jerry Garcia Interview: "The Mafia Is Trying To Kill Me!"

The audio quality isn't the best, but this Jerry Garcia interview is from 1994. Early on, Jerry gets irked by the interviewer's broad questions, but once Jerry starts talking, he never stops until the camera runs out of film.

Among the topics Jerry discussed included the original Acid Tests, Neal Cassady's driving, tanks on Haight Street, indecision about what songs to play, cosmic psychedelic experiences, the arrangement of I Know You Rider, how rap is not music ("it's talking"), dividing technique from substance, and modeling his playing based on personal exploration with psychedelics (e.g. "playing for his life" when he accidentally ate a cake laced with "800 hits" of LSD).

The best quote about Jerry's paranoia after he got dosed backstage with cake and started tripping balls: "This place is full of mafia guys and they are trying to kill me! They're gonna fucking kill me!"

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jerry!

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DREGstudios! The Art of Brandt Hardin said...

Jerry’s music lives on with his world-embracing love and energy. I drew a psychedelic portrait of him to honor his legacy on my artist’s blog at Feel free to drop in and tell me about how the Deadhead movement affecting your life and appreciation of music.