Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leg I Rewind; Leg II Begins

Are you ready? Excited? Anxious? Nervous? Ready to let loose and fucking rage it up? Leg II of Summer Tour beckons thee!

The second and final leg of Phish's summer tour re-starts tomorrow night in Long Beach, CA. This is the first of four shows in California before the tour migrates Eastward. Leg II will be the last batch of Phish shows until a New Year's Run, so soak up as much Phish as you can.

Don't forget that the San Francisco shows will be webcast.

Here's a master list of setlist posts and random videos (courtesy of @mkdevo and Vimeo) from Leg I....
6/7/12 Worcester, MA (Night 1): Setlist - Videos
6/8/12 Worcester, MA (Night 2): Setlist Videos
6/10/12 Bonnaroo, TN: Setlist - Videos
6/15/12 AC (Night 1): Setlist - Videos
6/16/12 AC (Night 2): Setlist - Videos
6/17/12 AC (Night 3): Setlist - Videos
6/19/12 Portsmouth, VA (Night 1): Setlist - Videos
6/20/12 Portsmouth, VA (Night 2): Setlist - Videos
6/22/12 Cincy: Setlist - Videos
6/23/12 Burgettstown: Setlist - Videos
6/24/12 Blossom: Setlist - Videos
6/28/12 Deer Creek #1: Setlist - Videos
6/29/12 Deer Creek #2: Setlist - Videos
6/30/12 Alpine Valley #1: Setlist
7/1/12 Alpine Valley #2: Setlist
7/3/12 Jones Beach #1: Setlist - Videos
7/4/12 Jones Beach #2: Setlist - Videos
7/6/12 SPAC #1: Setlist - Videos
7/7/12 SPAC #2: Setlist - Videos
7/8/12 SPAC #3: Setlist - Videos - Videos

And check out previous recaps from shows I saw on Leg 1:
AC 1: Satan Standing on the Beach
AC 2: Manteca-Light Sand Funk Fiesta
AC 3: Mothership Extraction
Cincy: Can You Still Have Fun?
Burgettstown: Tweakpaug
Blossom: Tweeze Away
Deer Creek #1: Heat Wave Hijinks
Deer Creek #2: Master Blaster
Alpine Valley #1: Float With the Flock
Alpine Valley #2: Gotta Get Out of This Maze
Jones Beach #2: Head Held High
SPAC #1: Light Up the Sally Ghost
SPAC #2: Blistering Sabotage
Yeah, I never got around to writing a recap from the last night of SPAC #3. Fun night for sure, but not the strongest of the SPAC run. My favorite shows I caught from Leg I (or the ones I've listened to the most since then) were: Atlantic City #2, Blossom, Deer Creek #2, Alpine Valley #1, and SPAC #2.

I'll be at 10 out of the 13 shows this run and I can't wait to see the entire crew in Colorado to end this tour. As per usual, follow @CoventryMusic on Twitter for random updates from the road over the new two weeks. I'll write as many recaps as humanly possibly depending on travel and how spun I get.

See ya in the lot!

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