Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Live Bait, Volume 8

Kevin Shapiro dug deep into the archives and polished off a couple of gems for the latest compilation of "Live Bait" downloads. This is the eighth installment and one of my favorites to date. Eight is great.
Live Bait, Volume 8 - Tracklist

1. Antelope > BBFCFM > Antelope - 5/16/94 (21:07)
2. Bathtub Gin - 6/23/00 (15:40)
3. Simple - 10/26/96 (16:12)
4. Buried Alive 7/29/98 - (13:56)
5. Halley's Comet > Slave - 8/6/93 (14:32)
6. Tweezer - 9/3/11 (14:39)

DOWNLOAD LINK - Live Bat Vol 8
Kudos to Shapiro for the Halley's > Slave double dip.


Gage said...

That Gin is pure hose.

JAVANOD said...

Been waiting for that Gin for 12 years!!! (worth it)

I love the AUD Version for the venue acoustics and the SBD for its crisp bass and percussion... Decided to mixdown both versions tonight in Audacity.

Left the SBD as is on one stereo track... Took the AUD version, threw on a high pass filter at 125hz / -4db / .04 seconds delay... to take out the muddy bottom end and enhance the acoustics on the AUD versions and BOOM/POW/BLAM-O...