MIX: 70's Fusion

The usual downtempo electronic jams have been put on hold for the month of October as I have been busy exploring the genre of 70's Fusion. There are several types of 70's Fusion, but I focused mainly on the jazz-funk fusion era from the mid-late 1970's.

I've always been a fan of Herbie Hancock, Al Di Meola, Jeff Beck, etc.. but wasn't as familiar with other artists from that time that were doing similar projects. So I spent the last 6 weeks searching out and exploring the genre of 70's Fusion, and what I found was exactly what I expected: that there is some amazing music from that period that I had never heard before.

The level of playing in these bands is extremely good. Every artist you hear is a true master of their instrument and is also very inspired at this point in their career. Artists like Ahmad Jamal had just discovered the Rhodes, Hancock was experimenting with synthesizers, and they took their jazz training and combined it with the street sound of the funk rhythm, which gave the genre a dance-able rhythm and gained influences from the electric, and some new analog electronic sounds of fusion. The 1970s included many original stylistic creations, and the jazz-funk genre was very representative of this movement.

This mix is 100% instrumental and demonstrates some of the most impressive playing that I have ever heard.


01. Tarantula - Jean-Luc Ponty
02. Misdemeanor - Ahmad Jamal
03. Air Blower - Jeff Beck
04. Scatterbrain - Jeff Beck
05. Le Lis - Billy Cobham
06. Shark bite - George Benson
07. Vulcan Princess - Stanley Clarke
08. Steppin' In It - Herbie Hancock
09. Tambura - Ramsey Lewis
10. Night Crawler - Bob James
11. The Wizard - Al Di Meola
12. Bird Of Beauty - Herbie Mann
13. Space Circus - Return to Forever
14. Gibraltar - Weather Report


Hope you enjoy!


Joel said…
just awesome man..thanks!
Anonymous said…
Thank you, yet again, for the amazing tunes!

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