Saturday, October 09, 2010

3rd Quarter Results 2010 Mix by BTreotch

There wasn't as many creepy crawlies or little birdies as I was expecting see on the small 8 mile stretch I walked along the Appalachian Trail. I did find this guy - a little Piper so to speak. It's been an insane 3 months. Almost all of the time was spent in Frederick, Maryland, working long hours of sciencing things into a frenzy. I wasn't able to listen to as much music during the day for fear of alienating those around me with my relentless headphone wearing. That's all about to change now that we're back to the grind and tour is upon us.

mediafire mp3 download

8track streaming mix: part 1 part 2

Here is where the music came from:

It's heavy on soul and hip-hop because all the sad indie rock has been killing me too much.


Anonymous said...

I want to hear more about the loft you stayed in via craigslist!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Nice shot of the creature. Love the pie chart you included too. Das Racist and Arcade Fire, nice additions. The rest, I haven't heard yet.