Why Do Hippies Still Exist in America?

Not sure if this is an Onion-style article or being serious, but either way this is a hilarious read. It seems to be written from a warped Evangelical Christian perspective and discusses both The Grateful Dead and The Phish. I found this especially LOL-worthy:

"The Phish play for a younger, more innocent crowd less concerned about social activism and more preoccupied with a sarcastic disdain for conformity. The songs revolve around the absurd, yet still force the simpleminded to celebrate self-indulgence and radical consumerism. For fans of The Phish, life is about expressing an identity through purchasing “green” products and watching adult cartoons. They will abuse drugs and frustrate their parents, but never enough to land in jail or lose their allowances (even into adulthood). Masturbation and LSD are also shockingly common in this crowd. For your average Phish concert-goer, it’s not uncommon for them to awake in odd circumstances (at the side of a road, wallet emptied and their body covered in bruises, for example) with no recollection of what transpired the night before. This cycle of amnesia is what keeps them coming back for more shows as they try to figure out what they could have possibly done to themselves."

Personally, I find it weird and sometimes difficult to masturbate or have pre-marital sex while on LSD. But thats just me. I do love adult cartoons, though.Read the whole article here.
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Unknown said…
Hilarious! However like telling kids that Santa doesn't exist, I hate to do it:

Unknown said…
Ah... Christwire! I'm pretty sure it's a joke, but what the writers say isn't too far off from what real Evangelicals and say, so I'm not 100% sure it is.

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