Phish Broomfield Costume Themes

As you know some of us like to dress up. I love it. I wanted to let you know about some of the costume themes for Phish Broomfield. If you want to wear something funky to the shows, please join in!

Sunday 10.10.10 - Broomfield Open and Track Suit Sunday

There will be a group about 15 strong dressed as Tennis Pro's and Phish Ho's. Check out their custom shirts:

here is a pic of the crew from Fest 8:

Dr. Pauly and I will be sporting our bright blue track suits. If you have a track suit or any funny athletic gear, wear it Sunday!

Monday 10.11.10 - Sparkles and Laserbeams Eurotrash Party

Gavin and I will be breaking out the Disco Ball helmets. Our buddy Tres and Bobby are celebrating their birthdays Eurotrash style. If you have something you think fits this theme, or just want to act Eurotrash, go for it.

Tuesday 10.12.10 - YACHT ROCK!!!

"I have a Hawaiian shirt, a kilo of Peruvian snowflake, and a Huey Lewis soundtrack." - Dr. Pauly

See you on lot or at the show looking AWESOME.


jonas0tt0 said…
Pauly said…
Yacht Rock Tuesday. I have a Hawaiian shirt, a kilo of Pruvian snowflake, and a Huey Lewis soundtrack.
Anonymous said…
I'll be jammin' out to some yacht rock whilst you're in your you so much!
Owen said…
Joker, love the blahg. any way you could disclose the secret to your readers on how to assemble such a dance-tastic disco ball helmet? halloween's coming up, you know we could all use the help. thanks.

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