Thursday, October 07, 2010

Fair Trades?

The guys at wrote a post addressing a serious issue about Phish tickets. What Is Fair? is a must read.

Here's an email that I got from Brando & Dusty this morning...

Brando and Dusty here from a

We are writing you today, because we have what we feel is an important press release regarding ticket value and ticket trading. With so many offers out there we felt there was a need to redefine some terms as well as ask some questions to the ticket trading community. There is a 5 question survey link at the bottom where we are asking all for their input.

As we feel this is an important and immediate issue, can you please help us spread the word and get this press release out there? Anything you can do would be great. Re-posting to your blog, facebook, twitter etc., would be great. Not to mention, I am sure this press release will spawn much discussion and traffic to your sites and pages.

Thank you very much.

Thanks again.
Brando and Dusty
Check out What Is Fair?

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Kid Dynamite said...

you can't fight free market forces. All you can do is rely on peoples' sense of Karma.

I sold my Fenways for face, and got stuck with so many others where friends bailed on me which I had to eat the cost on. I could have sold the Fenways at a premium to make up for it, but I didn't... my loss - maybe I have a Karmic Credit somewhere...