Dave Vann Photos - Phish From The Road

Dave Vann is one of my favorite rock photographers - He is a super nice guy, works very hard, and of course takes amazing photos. If you havent checked out the official galleries at Phish From The Road recently, you are missing out. I have been checking out the photos on Phish's Facebook page every day. Dave is doing a great job capturing the crowd as well as the band- check out this fan who may have started the Guyute tease madness last night:

http://www.phish.com/from-the-road (photo by Dave Vann © Phish 2010)

Check out Phish's Facebook Photo Gallery- Some real gems in there.


Phishentine said…
Vann's photos are sickly gorgeous.

Thanks for making it a point.

I happen to know him indirectly...especially when in Denver.

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