1,000th Post!

Wow, last night while standing in Golden Gate Park, the Joker mentioned that we were on our 999th post. So this one marks our 1,000th post at Coventry!

Thanks to everyone who has written for Coventry in the past, present, and future.

Also, thanks to you guys and gals... the readers. This has been a fun journey over the last four years and with hot and heavy rumors of a Phish tour on the horizon in the summer of 2009... the future is definitely looking brighter.

Thanks again for "wasting your time" with us. Let's hope for another 1,000 posts!

Founder & Editor


Anonymous said…
Your sites are like crack. You get a little taste and then, you know it's history.
katy said…
agreed. love the postings. keep up the good work.
WeightStaff said…
Good work boys

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