Saturday, August 09, 2008

Radiohead All Points West Setlist

Radiohead, All Points West Festival
8/8/08 Liberty State Park, NJ
Set: 15 Step, There There, Morning Bell, All I Need, Lucky, Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The Gloaming, Optimistic, Videotape, Reckoner, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, You and Whose Army?, Idioteque, Climbing Up the Walls, Bodysnatchers, How to Disappear Completely,

E1: House of Cards, Pyramid Song, Paranoid Android, Dollars and Cents

E2: Street Spirit (Fade Out), Cymbal Rush, Just, Everything in Its Right Place

Looks like the kids at wpix are getting into the live blog thing this weekend...check them out. Radiohead plays a second show at the festival Saturday night, and Trey plays on Sunday.


Anonymous said... Blog ottimo da visitare. progressive '70 e New Prog 80/90

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Hey check out some pix and setlist from Radiohead at All Points West festival at