Friday, August 22, 2008

Coventry's Outside Lands Festival Coverage

Good news, folks. We have arrived safely in San Francisco. The Joker flew in from Denver. My girlfriend (aka Change100) and myself drove up from L.A. yesterday afternoon. We're currently in position to let it rip for the next three days and nights of the Outside Lands Festival and various late night shows.

We will be doing a ton of coverage here which includes a live blog (via the Joker) and end of day recaps from yours truly. Rest assured, we'll take tons of pictures and videos which will eventually get posted depending on our levels of sobriety.

I found a sweet suite in an old hotel near the park. It's essentially the top story of the hotel. It looks like an apartment, moreso your Grandma's apartment.

"Hey hotties, wanna go back to my Grandma's apartment near the Kezar Pub and smoke a ton of dope?"

That's gonna be our line the entire weekend.

Seriously, I'm considering throwing a party in the suite on Sunday night... it's so big that the Joker got lost.

Radiohead tonight. Very excited.

So check back in with Coventry for live updates.

And you can always follow us on Twitter. We'll be updating throughout the next few days.

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BTreotch said...

heddy pics of Grandma's apartment and/or spun Joker in a robe with his schlong peek-a-booing?

Eggs said...

Breakfast On Tour can't wait to read your coverage! We will be posting links to all of it, so make it delicious...