Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yonder Mountain String Band Red Rocks Live Blog

Tawny & Tyler, reporting from Red Rocks

I am at home watching the Lollapalooza Wilco webcast at (amazing btw) and Tawny has her bunny ears on at Red Rocks with yonder. Here is the setlist:

Yonder Mountain String Band, Red Rocks, 8/2/08

Set 1:
Traffic Jam w/Muppet verse
Don't You Lean On Me
Amanda Rose (starts to rain, crowd goes nuts. it was 99 in Denver today)
Nothing but Nothing
Mother's Only Son
Just the Same
L'il Rabbit
Free To Run
Must've Had Your Reasons
-enter Keller for rest of set-
If There's Still Ramblin' in the Rambler, Let Him Go*>
Toast to Ben and Cheyanna*#>
If There's Still Ramblin' in the Rambler, Let Him Go*
Setbreak 9:46

Set 2 (10:28):

Out of the Blue>
If You're Ever in Oklahoma>(everyone is too wasted to know what these songs are, im told)
Out of the Blue
Time to spend down by the river
Another Day Without You
Belle Parker
Looking back over my shoulder
Mental Breakdown
Half Moon Rising
Country Boy Rock & Roll (they say they are gonna play fast bluegrass)
Sharecropper Son(!!!)>adam killin it
Cuckoo's Nest>
Dawn's Early Light>
Follow Me Down To The Riverside (Fuck Yeah Fuck Yeah!)

E: Casualty
Steam Powered Aeroplane w/Billy Nershi and Keller Williams
Shady Grove w/Billy Nershi and Keller Williams

* w/Keller Williams
#Ben getting married on wednesday, declares the show his bachelor party. Is dancing not playing, and asks for a lap dance.

Show notes:
Dave playing old banjo of mark vann, named stump. Mark vann was a mamber of leftover salmon but passed away.

Ben is wearing a kilt with no underwear, his mom is also in the audience.

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