Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mike Gordon Interviews

I read two stellar interviews with Mike Gordon.

1. Mike Gordon's Solo Story by Scott Bernstein (Hidden Track)

Here's a bit:
Playing Terrapin was probably Trey’s idea. I had never played it before, but of course had it in my ears from Dead tapes and Dead shows. So we learned it around dinner time. I feel like I didn’t really nail the way the bass handles the end jam, but I thought we did a great job with it.

Just standing there and hearing those opening strums of Terrapin Station was the most surreal thing because it had always been so taboo for us. It sounded pretty authentic to me. Not exactly like the Dead but a good rendition. It was just a really magicial moment. I was getting chills, not only because it was paying tribute in this way and having it sound good, but just the oddness of hearing our band strum those notes that I had seen at Dead shows. Here we were playing in the some of the same venues the Dead played in, not that the Dead were our only influence because there are a lot of influences, but we were clearly inspired by them. I heard a tape later and I liked the way the tape sounded.... More

2. Mike Gordon: In His Own Words by Andy Gadiel (Jambase)

Here's a bit:
"I'm very thankful that everyone in Phish is still healthy so that we might be able to do it again. When we broke up I said that longevity with Phish is that we could build something that is irreplaceable. I think we all know that the chemistry of twenty years together is irreplaceable, but it's so great for me to get to do these new things and try out new combinations of people. There's no reason that both things can't coexist eventually, potentially, and so I'm not really antsy about the Phish thing. I'm much more antsy to get out on the road and make another solo album. But, I'm gonna really enjoy it when Phish does happen. 'Craving' isn't the word that comes to mind but 'excitement' is, about all these things... More
Great work, guys.

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